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In the public interest, the Charity Commission usually:

  • releases a public statement whenever it opens a statutory inquiry into a charity
  • publishes a report of the inquiry

Published statements and reports are shown on the charity’s entry on the public register of charities.

The commission won’t announce that it is opening an inquiry if it considers that this would not be in the public interest or there are other reasons why it is not appropriate to do so.

The commission may also publish reports of its non-inquiry work where:

  • there is significant public interest in the issues involved and the outcome
  • there are lessons that other charities can learn from them

The commission may choose to publish statements about its current investigations, decisions, accounts monitoring work and other cases in line with its policy on reporting its regulatory work.

How the Charity Commission reports on its regulatory work


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Inquiry reports and regulatory case reports

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Other reports

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Tackling abuse and mismanagement in charities

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