Decision: Independent Press Regulation Trust (IPRT)

This decision was published on 29 October 2014 following a decision review.

The commission did not register the organisation as it did not consider it is established for exclusively charitable purposes.

The organisation aspires to establish a press regulator which conforms with the recommendations in the Leveson report. The commission recognises that there may be a benefit to the public in promoting ethical standards and compliance with the law within the media industry.

The commission considers that to ascertain whether it would be charitable to support the establishment of a new press regulator an analysis and findings of fact on the functions and operation of the proposed press regulatory body would be necessary. The commission is not able to do this with any degree of accuracy. This is principally because, although the Charter with the relevant criteria has been made, the Recognition Panel has yet to be established under the Charter.

The prospect of such a body is too remote and uncertain at present for the commission to conclude at this stage that it is evidently of an exclusively charitable nature.

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