Decision: Inquiry reports: Charity Commission

Updated: Class inquiry reports Cathedral of Revival Assembly of God and Redeemed Christian Church of God (‘RCCG’) New Life Assembly (House of Prayer for All Nations) added 06/10/14.

In line with charity law, the Charity Commission announces the opening of every formal inquiry into a charity – and reports on its outcome – unless this would:

  • be detrimental to a particular individual or group of individuals, for example a risk to someone’s personal safety
  • contravene or prejudice requirements for confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, or risk National Security
  • cause severe prejudice to the charity and/or its beneficiaries
  • contravene the commission’s duty to use its resources in the most efficient, effective and economic way
  • not be in the public interest

Inquiry reports are available on GOV.UK for up to 2 years after they are first published. They are then archived.

The commission may delay publication of an inquiry report to:

  • avoid prejudicing the work of a law enforcement agency or other regulator
  • give trustees opportunity to complete certain actions within a specified timeframe
  • avoid prejudicing ongoing or pending legal proceedings

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