Government response: Former trustee sentenced to 4 months for supplying false information to Charity Commission

The Charity Commission responds to the sentencing of Will Clark, a former trustee of the removed charity Rainbow Rooms, who has been sentenced to 28 months for a range of offences. Four months relate to the charge of supplying false information to the commission.

“We welcome the sentencing of Mr Clark, who was formerly a trustee and chief executive of the charity Rainbow Rooms. The charity was subject to a Charity Commission statutory inquiry until it was removed from the register in March 2014, when the charity ceased to exist. We have worked closely with the police on this case. This sentence demonstrates how seriously the courts take cases where individuals have given false information to the commission or have abused their positions in charities. Now that the criminal case has concluded we will shortly be publishing a report of our inquiry.

“We hope that the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill passes into law as soon as possible. The new powers contained within the Bill, which we have long argued for, will mean that people with convictions for certain sexual offences, including those against children, are automatically disqualified from serving as charity trustees, which is currently not the case.”

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