Government response: Law Commission report: Charity Commission response

We welcome the Law Commission’s consultation and its focus on making things simpler for charities. This is an important step towards ensuring that the burden on charities is the right level and consistent with effective regulation. The consultation explores a wide range of ways to make it easier for trustees to run their charities and we have been supportive of change in many of these areas, as we set out in our response to Lord Hodgson’s review of the 2006 Act. This is an important opportunity to review aspects of the current legal framework which affects charities.

We recognise that better regulation can be achieved clarifying the existing law and its application with a view to considering what aspects of reform are appropriate. These proposals sit alongside the proposals for enhancing the commission’s enforcement powers which were considered in the draft Protection of Charities Bill.

We have worked with the Law Commission on the consultation document and will respond formally. In doing so we will look to help shape the best proposals for change in the light of our experience of how the current regime has operated.

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