News story: How trustees can restore donor trust: new fundraising guidance

The commission has published new guidance for charity trustees about fundraising from the public, CC20. The guidance sets out 6 key principles to help trustees comply with their legal duties when overseeing their charity’s fundraising, and also includes a checklist for trustees to evaluate their charity’s performance against the legal requirements and good practice recommendations set out in the guidance.

Sarah Atkinson discusses the new guidance in a blog post. She writes:

“Much has been said in the media and in Parliament about some of the issues uncovered over the last year but now is not the time to revisit or rehash them. Now, we hope, is the time to look forward.

Our guidance isn’t there to dwell on the mistakes that have been made or simply set the parameters within which we can hold people to account (although it does do that). Instead, we hope it will offer a framework for a step change in charities’ approaches to fundraising. It provides trustees with the tools they need to do more than just meet the basics and will help them succeed in raising much needed funds while protecting their charity’s reputation.”

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