News story: What can we do to build public trust in charities?

A month after our Public Trust & Confidence research showed a significant drop in trust in charities, the Charity Commission has published four blogs on charities, and collectively the last three create an action plan for charities and the public on trust; and explain what we are doing to build trust.

“If you know what matters to the public, and you act on it decisively, you can regain trust – we’ve seen that in other sectors,” said Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy & Communications, in our first blog.

You can read her analysis of what the report says about the drop in trust here:

Blogs 2 and 3 focus on what charities can do to be more accountable to the public and what tools the public can use to find out more about the charity they are donating time or money to. See:

And blog 4 looks at governance in the sector and how it can be improved:

We also blogged on fundraising, the other major factor in trust identified by the research, when we published our updated fundraising guidance, CC20. See:

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