Policy paper: MOU: Charity Commission and the Solicitors Regulation Authority

This memorandum provides a framework for closer working between the Charity Commission (“the Commission”) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“the SRA”).

The Commission and the SRA are fully committed to the aims of the memorandum which are to assist in their respective functions in the following ways to:

  • promote a common understanding of the Commission and the SRA’s responsibilities, working procedures, legal powers and constraints
  • promote co-operation between the Commission and SRA’s staff at a strategic and operational level
  • facilitate effective investigation, enforcement, remedial or protective action in respect of misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of charities and charitable funds
  • ensure the effective disclosure of information in compliance with all relevant legislation
  • ensure appropriate consultation on matters of relevant and significant policy initiatives to ensure that SRA regulated persons connected with charities comply fully with their legal obligations and adopt best practice in governance and accountability

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