Policy paper: Proposed power to disqualify: Charity Commission’s first thoughts

The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill (‘the Bill’) would give the commission power to make orders disqualifying individuals from acting as trustees under certain circumstances.

The commission welcomes its inclusion in the Bill. The power will enable the commission to protect charities from being run by individuals who are clearly not fit to do so.

The commission recognises, however, that this is a significant new power and would like to offer reassurance that the power will only be used when there is a clear case for doing so.

This paper is designed to provide that reassurance. It gives the commission’s initial thoughts on its approach to using this power and the commission has published it now to help answer questions that may arise during the passage of the Bill.

If the Bill becomes law the commission will work further on the paper and intends to hold a public consultation on its approach before it is finalised.

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