Press release: Charitable grants for people directly impacted by the Grenfell Fire

The next of kin for each of those who tragically lost their lives in the Grenfell fire are to receive an initial £20,000 and those seriously injured will receive up to an initial £10,000 when those details are released. Those made homeless will receive a ‘fresh start’ grant of £10,000 when they are permanently rehoused. These charitable funds have been made available, with more to follow, after a joint approach was agreed to consolidate some of the funds raised for the victims of the tragedy.

Three of the major funds for the people affected by the Grenfell fire, the British Red Cross, K&C Foundation and the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, in collaboration with The London Community Foundation, are coming together with the London Emergencies Trust to make money available immediately.

Since last Wednesday, local and national charities have been on the ground in the vicinity of Grenfell Tower, working together to help the emergency relief effort and to support the local community. In addition, the public has been incredibly generous and over £10 million has been raised already.

The charities are working together to coordinate financial help for those affected, with the support and advice of the Charity Commission. Active discussions over the last few days are ensuring a unified approach from these charities to this national tragedy.

All those involved have committed to meeting the immediate needs of those bereaved, seriously injured, and who have lost their homes, and making sure it is as simple as possible for people to access those funds.

Support to date

  • the K&C Foundation, an independent charity set up by local people which raises funds and resources for over 50 local charities a year, set up an appeal which has raised £3.4 million so far – £120,000 has already been released to 6 frontline local organisations and has been disbursed as immediate grants to those who have lost their homes

  • the Rugby Portobello Trust have been one of multiple agencies working within the community and have distributed over £107,000 along with direct care, assistance and support to those affected

  • the British Red Cross, the humanitarian organisation that works with people in crisis in the UK and abroad, has already raised £2.8 million – since the hours after the fire broke out, it has also had emergency response volunteers on the ground providing practical and emotional support and is now staffing a helpline for people affected and helping coordinate a community assistance centre

  • the London Community Foundation, in conjunction with the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and others have raised £4.9 million so far – £120,000 in total has already been released to households in Grenfell Tower and £100,000 to 20 local organisations supporting those affected

New further support available

Today we can collectively announce the first phase of joint funding:

  • an initial payment of £20,000 will be distributed to the next of kin for each person who has died or is declared missing presumed dead upon those details being released

  • initial payments of up to £10,000 are available for immediate distribution to each person seriously injured and requiring hospital treatment

This initial distribution will be funded from donations to the British Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund, the K&C Foundation and The London Community Foundation, with the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund. Funds will be released as details of those affected are released. These will be distributed by the London Emergencies Trust, a charity set up following the Westminster Bridge attack this year to support the victims of emergencies.

People who are eligible to receive these payments can call the British Red Cross helpline on 0800 458 9472.

  • £10,000 for every family from Grenfell Tower as a ‘fresh start’ grant as they move into new permanent accommodation.

This money will come from donations to the K&C Foundation. These funds will be available to those moving into new permanent accommodation from the Rugby Portobello Trust from Monday 26 June. Residents of the tower are able to access this grant from Monday 26 June if they have been given permanent accommodation by calling or emailing the Rugby Portobello Trust and asking to speak to the New Homes Team on 0207 229 2928 or

These are initial distributions to meet immediate need. The group of charities will be closely monitoring the needs of those affected and further charitable funds will be distributed over the coming weeks and months. The charities have confirmed their intention to continue working collaboratively to make sure donations are spent effectively and meet the needs of the community. These funds are separate to, and independent of, funds made available by the Government or local authority but the charities involved will seek to work with the authorities where necessary in the weeks ahead.

It is also vital that the longer term needs and wishes of the community in and around Grenfell Tower are heard, understood and met. Charitable funders are further working together with those affected to do this.

David Holdsworth, Chief Operating Officer at the Charity Commission, said:

Local and national charities, with their fantastic volunteers, have been at the forefront of supporting those in need since the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower. The British public have now donated millions to help the victims. Independent charities working together, at the heart of the community affected, will continue to have a vital role to play.

This collaboration, along with the first immediate distribution of funds from public donations, will help ensure clear, easy access to the help and support that those affected by this devastating tragedy so urgently need. They can never heal what has happened but will hopefully provide some help to those suffering at this most difficult time.

Michael Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said:

When something as appalling as the Grenfell fire happens it is absolutely natural that people want to help. We launched a national appeal to use our experience of fundraising to help people give to a cause that desperately needs their help, and to complement the amazing charitable work happening in the Grenfell community.

No amount of money can take away the pain of the past 8 days, but for people who have lost everything we hope it will help towards rebuilding their lives. Thank you to everyone who has given, and thank you to our partners for helping find a sensible way to get money to people who need it as soon as possible.

Russell Delew, Chief Executive of The London Community Foundation, said:

The public outpouring of support towards this appeal has been phenomenal and has enabled us and the other charities involved to give immediate help to those whose lives have been devastated by this terrible event.

We will continue to listen to the needs of the community at this difficult time to ensure that we continue to give the right help in the right way. We’re here for the long term, and are proud to be part of the collaborative effort to help those affected.

We are grateful to the Evening Standard, Artists for Grenfell and all of the companies and individuals who have so generously donated.

Gerald Oppenheim, Chair of the London Emergencies Trust, said:

Our aim to make sure that the money which was so generously donated by the public is distributed in a timely fashion and with compassionate regard to the individual circumstances of the people affected by these terrible events.

Anyone who qualifies for a LET award, and who makes a valid claim, will be paid irrespective of nationality, circumstance or any other factor.

Susan Dolton, Director at the K&C Foundation, said:

As an established local charity we were one of the first to raise and distribute funds to those who lost their homes in the Grenfell Tower fire through some of our excellent local charity partners. We welcome this new unified effort that will ensure that everyone affected by this tragic event receives the support they need as quickly as possible.

Charities who want to offer help and resources can contact

Those involved in discussions to date include:

  • Charity Commission for England and Wales
  • British Red Cross (registered charity number 220949)
  • K&C Foundation (1125940)
  • London Emergencies Trust (1172307)
  • London Funders (1116201)
  • London Community Foundation (1091263)
  • Muslim Aid (295224)
  • Rugby Portobello Trust (1100143)


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