Press release: Charity Commission welcomes announcements on membership of its board

The Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, welcomes the opening of the application process for recruitment of members of the Charity Commission board. The commission will seek candidates with a broad range of expertise.

Two new members are being sought to replace Peter Clarke and Claire Dove. A third member is being recruited with experience of operations and IT to help oversee the commission’s Transformation Programme.

The Cabinet Office has also confirmed that 4 current board members are to have their terms extended, Eryl Besse (to 31 December 2018); Tony Leifer (to 31 December 2018), Orlando Fraser QC (to 31 December 2017), and Gwythian Prins (to 1 June 2017).

Eryl Besse has also been confirmed as deputy chairman (see endnote 1).

The details of the procedure are available online.

William Shawcross, chairman of the commission, said:

The contribution of both Claire and Peter has been of the highest calibre. Their input has been crucial as the board has sought to rebalance the commission towards a more effective regulator. I thank them both for their service.

I encourage those who care deeply about the future of charity in this country, and who have the necessary skills, to come forward and apply. The board’s oversight is key to the commission’s vital work in maintaining public trust and confidence.

These new appointments will be balanced with the continuity provided by the announced reappointments and I thank the present members for their service to date.

An interview panel, including an independent member, will be convened shortly and the process is expected to be complete by the end of the summer. Further details on the recruitment process are available online.




  1. The position of deputy chairman is not a statutory role, but Ms Besse will, in governance terms, fulfil this role until the end of William Shawcross’s term. Ms Besse has made a substantial contribution to the Charity Commission and its board. Her work greatly exceeds that expected of a board member. She has overseen numerous vital projects and represented the commission jointly with the executive at external meetings, as well as having a specific focus on charities in Wales.

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