Press release: Commission welcomes Tribunal decision to dismiss appeal

The Charity Commission welcomes the Tribunal’s decision to dismiss the appeal of The 1Click Charitable Trust and uphold the Commission’s decision to remove the company from the Register of Charities on the grounds that it is not operating (see endnote 1).

The Tribunal concurred with the Commission’s conclusions “because the charity does not pursue charitable activities and it has not adopted a sensible and sustainable plan for the generation of future income.”

An accurate and up-to-date Register of Charities is at the heart of the Commission’s work. Without it, the Commission’s regulatory work would be severely hampered and charities would be much less accountable and transparent to donors and the public.

The Chief Operating Officer and Registrar of Charities, David Holdsworth said:

“The public have a clear interest in knowing what organisations are charities and what organisations no longer operate. The Commission in promoting public trust and confidence in charities may remove charities from the Register of Charities if they are merely performing administrative functions with no reasonable prospect of further charitable activity.”

The Legal Director Kenneth Dibble confirmed that the decision will inform the Commission’s approach to the removal of organisations from the Register of Charities. He said:

“This case shows the approach the Tribunal will take when dealing with appeals against the Commission’s decisions to remove non-operating charities from the Register. We will adopt a robust approach in removing these charities where they have minimal assets and are making no significant attempts to further charitable purposes.”


PR 70/16

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  1. First tier Tribunal (Charity) General Regulatory Chamber Decision 18 October 2016 CA/2016/0001 on the use of the Commission’s powers in section 34 of the Charities Act 2011.

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