Transparency data: Charity sector facts and figures

Updated: Figures added for September 2014

These figures are based on the annual gross income reported by charities in their annual returns.

Annual gross income differs from the total incoming resources reported in the Statement of Financial Activities (SoFA) prepared by charities in the following ways:

  • gross income is used to determine reporting and scrutiny requirements in accordance with charity law
  • prior to 2008, gross income excluded newly endowed resource, gains or losses on disposals of “own use” assets during the year and the financial activity of subsidiaries
  • from 2008 onwards, because of the advent of group accounts, the definition of gross income was changed to bring it more closely into line with the total incoming resources reported in the SOFA and in particular to include the financial activity of subsidiaries and any gains or losses on disposal of own use assets

The change of definition described above means that income figures displayed from 2009 onwards are not directly comparable to historic figures. Some figures displayed are based on a mix of the old and new definitions.

At an aggregate level the total income figures for all registered charities inevitably includes an element of double counting. Double counting arises when resources are transferred between charities and counted in both.

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